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El Gitano

A fictional character living in an all too real world...

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I am a blue head at the center of the universe.
I am an actor, life is my stage.
I am a Romantic, addicted to decadence.
Soy un Gitano, sin hogar.
Sono uno scapigliato faciendo l'amore con la morte.
Yo soy la maldicion de Capistrano, mas no le digas a nadie!

acting, aestheticism, agnosticism, almodovar, anarchism, androgyny, argentina, banksy, bats, beatniks, beauty, bordellos, britain, buenos aires, bullfighting, cante jondo, caravaggio, carlos castaneda, carlos gardel, cats, chanel, chaos, chaplin, charlie chaplin, chasing the dragon, che guevara, cherokee nation, chiaroscuro, cinema, conjure one, conspiracy theories, corridas, costumes, courtly love, curiosity, dante, daydreaming, death, delerium, deviancy, dreaming, dreams, dust in the light, ex-patriotism, exploring cemeteries, faking accents in airports, fashion, feminism, films, flappers, foscolo, frida kahlo, frou frou, gender fuck, genderqueer, ghosts, ghouls, goldfrapp, gothic, graveyards, greeting strangers, guilty pleasures, hedonism, hookah, imogen heap, indulgence, ireland, kohl, ladytron, louise brooks, lucid dreams, makeup, mana, marcello mastroianni, marine life, mexico, mysticism, narcotics, neo-marxism, nouveu goth, oscar wilde, pansexuality, paranormal, passion, photographing random strangers, post-genderism, pushing the limits, radical feminism, raphael, revolution, role playing, romance, romantic encounters, sarah brightman, sarita montiel, scapigliatura, secrecy, silent films, singing in the street, smart women, spain, spanish, spirituality, tango, tarchetti, the inquisition, the sea, theatre, tim burton, trance, traveling, tree-hugging, venus, victorian erotica, vladmir lenin, walking alone at night, white noise, winona ryder, women, writing, zapatistas, zorro