I am still in Atlanta, until further notice, and I am getting quite acclimated to the local scene. Of the excellent things that Atlanta has to offer a new resident, I have compiled a list

Atlanta's Top Ten

1)Sevenanda: a local co-op market which sells only vegetarian foods and organic produce.

2) Little Five Points: A commercial district of town that is characterized by its youthful and trendy inhabitants. Largely considered a haven for queer & eccentric folk, Little Five has no shortage of vegetarian cuisine, music venues, and off the wall boutiques.

3) Soul Vegetarian Restaurant: The best food known today. Not unlike the Soul Veg cart in Tallahassee, Atlanta is home to two Soul Vegetarian Restaurants, run by followers of the Kingdom of Y'ah.

4) Metro Atlanta Taskforce for the Homeless: An emergency shelter and resource center on a property spanning an entire square block on Peachtree & Pine. This hallmark of homeless service providers is noted for its revolutionary human treatment of its homeless clients. A dying breed of shelters, the TF houses over 700 people a night and does not use HMIS (Homeless Management Information Systems.

5) Mary's: A bar/hang out spot for the local queer hipster crowd. Good music, warm atmosphere, ad free karaoke.

6) BAP: A majestic Hindu Temple constructed using only the finest imported materials, a truly amazing feat of immaculate beauty. This epic monument is located in the suburban outskirts of the city, truly in the middle of nowhere.

7) Georgia Aquarium: Home of the largest aquarium in the world. This aquarium is dazzling if rather expensive. $30 a ticket.

8) Global Mall: Home to a thriving Desi community, the Global Mall is a shopping area which caters to a substantial population of Indian inhabitants. This is the place to go for Bollywood, Music, vegetarian cuisine, and Indian imports.

9) Racial Diversity - The city of Atlanta has not had a white mayor since the 1970's, this city is proudly inhabited by a diverse multi-ethnic population.


El retorno

To my old and dear friends, I say to you "greetings", I come in chaos.

What did you expect? peace? hah.

Life has changed much since my last post; needless to say, I am at a crossroads again; is that not why some people feel compelled to write? I am currently working as an AmeriCorps* VISTA doing homeless advocacy in northern Florida. Many things have transpired in the last few months since relocating to Jax after my insidious love affair with Tallahassee. Tally, is like a comfort food, it's enjoyable in a familiar way, but it is too easy to order the same thing again and again without broadening your tastes. Suffice it to say, I am out of the glorious trap that is Tallahassee, and ready for my next relocation (about time.)

I've been offered a position in Denver, Colorado. I have never been; perhaps that is why I find this offer most appealing. I've also been offered a position in Atlanta, and while I love Atlanta, I've grown wary of its seductive wiles, it's simply too close and too familiar to me. It seems Denver is the most likely move.

Were I to take the job in Colorado, I will be relocating in the next two weeks. Just as well, I am ready for an impulsive change to keep things interesting(surely you understand.) To adventure, to excitement, to conquering the west. (Or taking it back rather...Orale' Cabrones!!!)

I've decided that as an attention whore and a compulsive writer(INSERT COMMENT HERE), it is helpful to me to restablish a habit of blogging. Ergo, here I am.

Chaos to you all! It's far more thrilling than peace.

- Ale'

Choosing between the evils: 2008 Election

Forethought: I know that it’s a touchy subject to discuss politics amongst friends, but I feel that anybody who bothers to read this is will be open minded enough to know that it’s not a personal attack against anybody’s political beliefs. I trust that everyone reading this is intelligent and compassionate enough to make the best choice for themselves; I wouldn’t expect anything less from the people on my friends list after all. Also, this is not meant to be the beginning of an argument, if I cared enough for it to be I would have written a 50 page essay including various facts and statistics, but I don’t.  Also if you are going to crucify me, wait till the end.


I’m not a Democrat and I’m sure as hell not a Republican. As far as I’m concerned republicans are wolves, and democrats are wolves in sheep’s clothing. If any of you know me, you understand enough about my political inclinations to understand the direction that this post will be taking without obsessing over what my ideology might be. If you don’t know, feel free to ask.

For years I have refused to register to vote; but for the first time ever I’ve decided to take advantage of my voting power and use it not for the candidate who represents the lesser of two evils, but rather for the third party candidate who has no chance of winning. And you know what? I’m confident that my vote is going to count even than it would have otherwise.

Some of you may be thinking, “How can a vote for a third party candidate truly count for anything when it’s essentially guaranteed that said party will lose?” The reason is simple, of the small minority of people who cast their third party votes mine will be there. Not only is my vote a significantly larger fraction of the total votes for said party than it would be if I voted for one of the oligarchic parties, but it will be a vote that would stand out as a vote that truly represents my political values as opposed to caving into bipartisan bullying.

Most people do not vote for the candidate whom they want in office; they are voting not to put the candidate they want in office, but rather to keep out the candidate they don’t want. It’s like choosing between Hitler and Mussolini. What I find humorous is how self righteous Americans can be about their values, and how easily they condemn peoples of other nations for what they perceive to be a lack of fair values. How many times haven’t you thought to yourself that the Germans who supported Hitler were evil and stupid? Well is it not truly evil or stupid if we allow a candidate to come to power who does not truly reflect our interests as citizens of the world?

People feel compelled to guilt me into joining the Obama choo-choo train. I’ve nothing against Obama any more than I do any other democrat, certainly no more than I do any replublican; however he’s as much of a clown as any other politician that has rubbed the right elbows to get where he is. Obama just happens to be in right now: he's on par with Ipods, Chris Crocker, and hybrid SUV's. No matter how serious we take ourselves as intellectuals and free thinkers, we continue to buy into populists who mesmerize us with bread, circuses, and pretty little bumper car stickers that mean nothing. Obama may be a candidate of another colour, but his suit is still the same suit everybody else wears. He’s the same product but in a slightly different wrapper.

I could be wrong I suppose, but it’s highly unlikely. In the end I find that the future of this country is not going to be chosen by its people, rather by the people of every other country in the world who will no longer tolerate the exploitative and narrow mindedness that pervades American politics.

So in this election of 2008 my vote is going to protest the bipartisan bullshit that people numbly accept as an inescapable reality. My vote shall say “Fuck you!”

PS – True idealists make horrible politicians, which is why uncompromising thinkers like Ralph Nader will never get in power where as douche bags like George Bush will get elected twice.


(Feel free to crucify me below)

Friends Only

Friends Only
Yes I know that earlier entries are visible to you all; however, I am too lazy to go back and make them all private. So...from here on after, friends only. Unless you are super cool like.


It looks like there is a storm coming, and I hope to God that it do so tonight. I’ve longed so much for a stormy night; there is nothing like it. I intend on going home, lighting some candles, incense, and listening to opera at full blast. Today I find this insatiable urge to listen to Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, I cannot think of anything else. Please rain!
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I'm so sreepy.

I've been die hard nocturnal for years; however my current submission to the world of human capital and labor has forced me into a state of compromise. Lately my lack of sleep has shown itself in my mental clarity; I find myself randomly stuttering, spacing out, falling asleep anywhere I sit, not remembering my dreams, etc... All in all I'm quite devastated. I suppose my ecent expeditions to Miami and Gainesville have rendered me even more exhausted. My apologies go out ot all of you whom I've not contacted as of late, when I'm energized you'll hear from me far more than you'd like. So from now on, 11-6. Will I actually do it? Stay tuned...
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What is a man?

I’ve often heard heterosexual women say “I like my men to be men; but I also want them to be more sensitive.” What is this even supposed to mean? For one thing I would like to know how it is that a man is a man; how is a man supposed to be? Traditionally being a man entails being tough and aggressive, internalizing emotional distress, being protective and territorial, trivializing personal appearance, etc… (I’m just blurting out traditional male stereotypes; feel free to add your own.) All in all, however, the traditional male is chauvinistic and is deemed privileged over women; is that the manly man that these women are referring to? Furthermore, the aforementioned quote expresses a desire for men to be men but also sensitive; the implication clearly takes emotional sensitivity as being non characteristic of a male so how doesn’t that contradict the original statement? What would make a man not a man? If he’s not a manly man, is he a womanly man? Women can possess any of the aforementioned “masculine” characteristics without having her femininity put in question, but for a man to reject those characteristics is apparently less than acceptable. It’s sad to hear such double standards being thrown about; double standards which continue to pressure men into traditional “dominant” roles which in turn continue to push women into traditional submissive roles. Truth be told, truly dominant men (and women) aren’t afraid to break the rules if they see fit, whilst their submissive counterparts continue to drown their insecurities by playing make-believe.
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Taal - Ishq Bina/ Favourite Bollywood Film?

I don't know how many of you out there are Bollywood fans; still, if any of you have seen a Bollywood movie I'd like to know what it is. So, what's your favourite bollywood movie?

PS - I've linked a video from a movie called Taal starrign Aishwarya Rai, I can never get this song out of my head.

End of an era

Well, the weekend has ended and with it the end of an era. This trip down to Miami has been one of the greatest things that I have done; it has reminded me that I am alive and that my life up to now has become quite mediocre.This weekend was also special because I got to spend it with my dear friend Shunpei, an experience which I may not have again for a long time. He is travelling backt o Japan and will not be coming back for the foreseeable future. This weekend we spent together doing really nothing more than driving around Miami lost and deep in conversation. Our first night we spent eating one of the most amazing meals I've ever had at a Spanish restaurant(Pulpo a la feira, Sopa de pescado, and Paella con mariscos, salchichon, y pollo), drunk in our first gay bar. The second day we spent sleeping in till 12, lunch at Molina's where I had kingfish with arroz blanco al moro, and at night we drove down to south beach getting lost on the way for an hour or so, struggling to find parking for another hour, walking down the strip when everything was almost entirely closed and having an awkward conversation with a junkie bum who sang us a lovely song in exchange for a match. I know it's not quite as exciting as I made it sound before, but it was a meaningful experience to share with a good friend. I know that Miami may yet hold some potential future for me. Time will tell...
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